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Short Description:

A combination of a dark, warm, classic sound with an exclusive Retro-Grey finish - these are trademarks of the extra-thin TRX CLS cymbals whose sound profile was inspired by the era of jazz.

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Jazz/rock, indie/pop


  • Hi-hat: 14", 15", 16"
  • Crash: 16", 17"
  • Crash-ride: 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23"
  • Storm hi-hat: 14", 16"
  • Thunder splash: 10", 12"
  • Thunder crash: 16", 18", 20"

Detailed Description:

Available in a selection of models—and developed in collaboration with top European jazz composer/performer Lada Obradović—the TRX CLS Series combines a dark, warm, classic sound with an exclusive Retro-Gray finish. The extra-thin B20 Bronze cymbals are handcrafted by master cymbalsmiths and recommended for a variety of jazz, rock and indie/pop drumming applications. One of the vintage elements incorporated into the CLS line is more evenly matched, pre “New Beat” weights for hi-hat cymbals. The addition of Thunder splashes and crashes as well as removable rivet holes on the CLS bottom Hi-Hats and Crash-Rides offer a variety of modern sounds within this vintage line.


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