“ICE 20” China? It’s a monster, ”praises his selection of TRX cymbals Václav Hejda, drummer of the band Jamaron

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“ICE 20” China? It’s a monster, ”praises his selection of TRX cymbals Václav Hejda, drummer of the band Jamaron
16. November 2021 / Jarda Sivák / Interviews

From an early age, he looked at drummers and admired how big their drums were and how sparkling cymbals played. In the end, he bought some drums and cymbals. He discovered TRX Cymbals on YouTube and did not hesitate to travel 400 km to play on them. Thanks to that, he is now a member of our TRX family and he can’t get enough of his new equipment. He told us in an interview what series he composed his set from.

How did you get into the drumming?

From birth I grew up on rock and metal music, which I listened to it with my dad, mom and uncle – just about the whole family – and drums simply belong to these musical styles 100%. At home we had DVD concerts from Metallica, RHCP, Green Day, Iron Maiden or Europe and I always watched the drummers, how they enjoy the drumming and also how big their were drums and how sparkling their  cymbals played. My dad told me that in school he would always drum on something. And it didn’t matter if it was at school or at home in his room with wooden spoons on his pillow. So I definitely have this after him. 😄 Well, at elementary school in about the second or third grade, a friend started going to the local Drum School. I liked it, so I thought I’d end with painting and replace paint brushes with drumming sticks. And thank god I did. 😊

How long did it take you start drumming for Jamaron and what was before?

Before Jamaron, I played in various bands. I started in the bands The Smallpeople and Grippeds, which were composed of students from ZUŠ (art school) in Rakovník. For a long time I watched  rehearsals of friends band DHEPO, who allowed me to drum with them at a few concerts. My friends and I tried to starting a few bands, but it never worked out. We were too young for it. I’ve been in Jamaron for quite some time now. In March 2019, the band lost a drummer and they announced audition, so I tried out and it worked out. 🙂

In which bands do you still play?

I spend most of my time playing with the band Jamaron, but I’m also the drummer in the rap-metal band Monaste and in the rock bands Fret and in Pokaždý Jinak.

How did you learn about TRX cymbals?

I’ve already come across TRX cymbals with drummers I watch on YouTube, and the cymbals just sound great (eg: Cobus, Jp “Rook” Cappelletta, Lindsey Ward or Kristina Schiano). But I never saw them live and I couldn’t try them. On Instagram, I came across @trxcymbals.eu, found out that they are the  only importer of these cymbals in Europe and are 400 km from me, so I connected with Jards, took a road trip to see him and everything turned out the best. 😊

What you enjoy about TRX cymbals?

How they play and what they look like. TRX has a really large selection and each cymbal has its own specific sound. Really anyone choose. And the look ?! I still have a  problem, cant stop looking at them all the time. 😅

Why did you reach for the series of TRX LTD, BRT, MDM, ICE and BLENDS?

LTD 21” Crash-Ride got me the first time I hit it, so I didn’t even try another one. On the BRT 14” Hi-Hat, I like the specific sound it has when it’s closed. When it opens, it can be heard again. MDM 20” Crash isn’t not so loud and doesn’t have such a long reverberation, so I can lean into it in when a harder chorus comes. ICE 20” China? It’s a monster! If I had to choose only one cymbal to play, it would be this one. 🔥 and BLENDS 19” Crash I recommend this one to everyone to try in real life. Sounds and looks great!

Which of your song do you enjoy the most from behind the drums and why?

I enjoy the harder songs, where I can really bang on it. But what I enjoy the most is the latest song, which we haven’t released yet, but we will soon release it with a clip. There you’ll be able check that I am telling the truth, that I really enjoy it. 😄 It;s name is Kamikadze. 🤘🏼

Guitarist like to brag about effect pedals, what would you brag about from your gear?

I would brag about everything from my set, but probably the most with my China!

Do you have or did you have a drummer role model?

Ever since I found out that  drums exist, my biggest role model is Lars Ulrich. But over time, I’ve discovered many great drummers whom I enjoy their style of playing and what they can play. Eg: Travis Barker, Mat Nicholls, Tommy Lee, Jay Weinberg, Joey Jordison, Jp “Rook” Cappelletty, The Rev, Matt McGuire, Ray Luzier, Chad Smith, Luke Holland and many more.

Do you have any dream piece of equipment?

I definitely do. 🙂

Dispute: do you play the small drum over the rim or directly on the membrane?

I like to play loud over the rim! 🤘🏼