“Through playing drums I’m able to pour all my feelings and energy out“, says Robson Goncalves of The Unrest

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“Through playing drums I’m able to pour all my feelings and energy out“, says Robson Goncalves of The Unrest
31. March 2020 / Jarda Sivák / Interviews

Robson had travelled half of the world thanks to drumming before he found a safe haven in Poland, and with his band The Unrest they are currently releasing their first record. In the interview below he shares his story of becoming a drummer and explains what makes TRX Cymbals so attractive in his view.

1. What is the story of you getting to play drums?

I started to play drums when I was 12. My beloved drummer Erickson Viana, (he passed away) asked me to sit down and play some grooves.

I remember that this situation happened during the worship team soundcheck at the Jardim Valeria Baptist Church in Guarulhos, São Paulo. It was in 2002. Back then I was playing guitar and bass. I had studied guitar for 3 years.

On that day, when Erickson challenged me to play drums, I definitely fell in love with drumming. Through this wonderful instrument, I’m able not only to play but pour all my feelings and energy out. And also, get to know so many people all over
the world, just like the wonderful folk at TRX Cymbals.

2. How long did it take you to drum your way into THE UNREST? Whatother bands had you been a member of before that?

Well, it has come from stage life experiences that I got to playing with bands called No More Lies, Life to Live, Medulla and No Longer Music.

3. What other bands are you playing in these days?

I’m focusing only on my band called The Unrest which I started in Poland in 2017.

4. How did you find TRX cymbals?

I got to know TRX cymbals through my dear friend Shamael Grzybek who has been helping me with drum gear since I moved to Poland. He’s the man! Shout out to my dude.

5. What do you appreciate about TRX cymbals?

I appreciate TRX cymbals are handcrafted. I like the brilliant warming sound and also the visibly hand-hammered surface, man, they look spectacular! They’re all made of B20 Bronze, the outstanding quality is visible at first sight and I simply can’t praise that enough.

7. How do you select your cymbals for live performance and how about those for use in studio?

I’ve been using the same set for live performance and recording in studio.

8. Which songs on THE UNREST playlist do you enjoy most from your drum stool?

It’s definitely “So Close“, “My New Religion“ and “Eternity“.

9. Guitar players often boast about their sets of effect boxes; which part of your gear do you feel particularly proud of when talking to other players?

My beautiful snare 8/14 made in Brazil and customized by my friend Renato Ahoop and his wife Sarah Reznicek.

10. Which drummers have inspired the way you play?

Thomas Pridgen, Aaron Gillespie of Underoath and Matt Greiner of August Burns Red. These musicians have been inspiring me for over a decade.

11. Is there a piece of drum kit you dream of getting one day?

Definitely yes:
TRUTH & SJC Custom.

12. And a quick one before signing off: Do you use rim-shots when playing on snare?

I’ve been playing rim-shots all the time. You need to listen the The Unrest full album that will be released in the first half of 2020, I’ve