“It’s exactly the sound I’ve been looking for all my life,” says David Nevěčný, drummer of the band Poetika, about TRX”

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“It’s exactly the sound I’ve been looking for all my life,” says David Nevěčný, drummer of the band Poetika, about TRX”
25. August 2020 / Jarda Sivák / Interviews

He went through several bands of different styles and at seventeen he landed in hardcore-crossover Forrest Jump. In the autumn of 2019 came the opportunity to get behind the drums in Poetica, so he immediately jumped on it. Which song from Poetics he enjoys the most and why did he reach for TRX? Read in an interview with our newest member of the TRX family.

1. How did you get into the drumming?

In fact, I don’t even know myself, from a young age I liked to bang into everything . Then I got my first set, started going to ZUŠ (art school) and that was it.

2. How long did it take you to get with Poetics and what was before them?

Before I got with to Poetics, I went through several bands of different styles. I started in bands composed of friends from ZUŠ in Velké Meziříčí. At the age of fifteen, I started playing with a Brno hardcore band Crouch, to which I was introduced by Pavel Kubát. Two years later, I sat behind the drums in a band Forrest Jump (hardcore-crossover), where I was until the autumn of 2019. At that time, the guys from Poetics were looking for a new drummer, so I immediately jumped at the offer and it worked out.

3. In which bands do you still play?

Currently, I focus mainly on Poetics. We have a lot of concerts with the guys, but when I have free time, I like to play with friends.  Sometimes I drum for Honza Miškel and his band EIRIK and also for my longtime friend Tomáš Štefka.

4. How did you learn about TRX cymbals?

I discovered TRX on Instagram and have been following it for awhile. When I met up with Simon from Mirai on a  joint filming, he showed me the TRX live, I had to have them.

5. What do you enjoy about TRX cymbals?

What I like most about these cymbals is the wide selection, thanks to which I can choose the cymbals piece by piece to fit beautifully into the music I play.

6. Why did you reach for the series of TRX LTD, MDM and DRK cymbals?

The LTD series (14 “hihat, 20” crash-ride) fascinated me on the first listen and it’s exactly the sound I’ve been looking for all my life. I expected a specific sound from the crash cymbals, so I chose the 17 “and 18” MDM series. I expect a slightly dark sound from the effects cymbal, so the DRK 18 “Thunder cymbal was a clear choice for me.

7. How do you choose cymbals for live performance and how do you choose to study?

I don’t make any distinctions at all, if the cymbal plays beautifully and fits into the music, I have no problem taking it to live performance and to the studio.

8. Which of your songs do you enjoy the most from behind the drums and why?

In general, I like songs that have a lot of energy in them. That song for me is, The Muse.

9. Guitarists like to brag about effect pedals, what would you brag about from your gear?

All my equipment is top notch but I’ve always relied on cymbals, and since I have a TRX, it’s definitely no different.

10. Do you have or did you have a drummer role model?

Currently, I really like Anika Nilles, Eric Moore, Travis Barker or Matt McGuire.

11. Do you have any dream piece of equipment?

I probably don’t have the dream piece of equipment at the moment, but I’m a drummer, so no doubt that it can’t be otherwise in a month 😀

12. Dispute: do you play the small drum over the rim or directly on the membrane?

When needed, but when a specific hit is needed, then definitely the rim.